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WeNurses on tour: Why & How nurses should tweet...

#OnTour dates confirmed
Birmingham – 15th Feb 1pm #BMGnurses
Dorset - 1st March 10am and 1pm #DorsetNurses

Manchester – 8th March 10am and 1pm #MCRnurses

Tweet us for me details, with continued thanks to @Incredibly_Easy for funding these visits to support nurses new to tweeting.

We believe that Twitter is not just for celebrities but can be used in a professional capacity, enabling nurses to connect, share information and knowledge and support one another AND we are pretty sure that you think this too! However we are aware that there are some nurses out there who don't see the benefit, are sceptical about the use of Twitter, don't have the know-how to get signed up or just really have no idea that 1000's of nurses are in this space already and finding it really valuable!!

Because of this the lovely people at Made Incredibly Easy , tweeting as @Incredibly_Easy , have provided some funding for WeNurses to provide 3 Twitter workshops, 2 hours in length, with places for 20 attendees per workshop AND free of charge for you! In the New Year WeNurses will be going on tour to bring Twitter and its benefits to nurses like you.

We will be sharing with you the benefits that 1000's of nurses get from Twitter through examples and case studies created by tweeting nurses, as well as helping you get signed up to twitter. We can also explore any initiatives you have that may be able take advantage of this great channel of communication and connectivity, leaving you with some tips.

How to get involved:

If you would like WeNurses to come to your workplace first check that you are able to provide the practical requirements below. The send us an short email to ontour@wenurses.co.uk explaining who you are, your passion for Twitter for nurses and how we would be able to help.

Practical requirements:

   •  You must have a passion for using Twitter as you will need to get 20 of your colleagues signed up to attend the workshop

   •  We will need a room (Coffee and cake would be great too!)

   •  Wifi internet access is a must

   •  We will need a projector/screen so that we can share some of the great stuff that the #NurseCommunity are doing

   •  BYOD – it would be helpful if attendees could bring their own device ie: laptop, smartphone, ipad so that we could get them signed up

   •  Be able to hold a workshop in January or February 2013

   •  Bus parking not required!


The workshops are open to every nurse – NHS and private sector from Directors of Nursing to Student Nurses and all specialities, a mix of all types would be great so we can explore the different benefits to those with different nursing experiences, needs and roles. We would be happy to include comms teams, professional development and training teams amongst the nurses too!

The closing date for applications for the workshops is 4 th January 2013 and successful applicants will be decided upon via the best applications.

WeNurses would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Made Incredibly Easy, supplying nursing books in a great format from publishers Wolters Kluwer Health, for providing these workshops – it's a fantastic idea to get more nurses connected and sharing via Twitter and shows their dedication and support to ensure nurses reach their full potential.

Good luck everyone – we cannot wait to read your emails!

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