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Do you have something to say, something to share, some value to add to the tweeting community of nurses? If you do we would love to hear from you, please send blog requests to blog@wenurses.co.uk .

WOW - that took 18mins for us to give them all away :)


Please note - these are all gone now!
Some of you probably know that all the WeCommunties are run by volunteers; you can find out a little about them here, we aren't funded.

Some people ask where the money goes from the shop where we sell goodies to help you raise awareness of your community, this primarily pays for the raw materials for the products, it almost covers some web hosting costs and some of the work we have to pay for to keep things moving forward, the Map of Inspiration is a prime example.

Sometimes there's a little left over!

So with the little left over we have lovingly hand crafted these not cheap and tacky in anyway quality fridge magnets and key rings, and now we are giving them away!

How do you get one?

Just send us a tweet with #pleasegivemesomethingfornothing between 8pm and 9pm BST this evening (13 th May 2014), we'll send you a DM letting you know there's some left and ask you to send us your address – simple hey!

Here's a tweet button to help:


Yes, we'll even cover the postage and a nice squishy envelope!

All we ask is that you are in the UK, we've only made up @WeNurses ones so far, we'll make up more communities soon if they go down well.

So, watch the clock – then get tweeting at 8pm.

We can only do this because of the support that you give us by using the shop, spreading the word and being amazing tweeting nurses and healthcare professionals.

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