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#EBP – Sharing Evidence Based Practice

July 24th 2014

We all know the importance of ensuring that our practice is evidence based and right from the very start social media has been used to disseminate evidence, knowledge and, in short, some very useful healthcare related stuff! Twitter discussions are becoming a brilliant way to share all this very useful stuff in a short space of time … but there is a problem with this. In the throws of a Twitter discussion it can be nigh on impossible...


Jump? A refelction on the 2nd birthday of @WeNurses

July 4th 2014

Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff just wondering if you really can fly? Of course I don't mean literally as that would be … well suicide … I mean metaphorically, have you ever taken that moment to ask yourself “can I really do this?” Well this was me two years ago, standing on the edge wondering if I should jump. On one side of me I had friends supporting me and telling me to be brave and on the otherside I had others saying “You can't do that!” I am very glad I listened to friends and found some courage....


What "cool" Social Media should you use to connect to young people?

June 18th 2014

At a recent quick conversation with some secondary school students I asked, “What social media apps and sites are currently cool?” I realise, of course, by saying “cool” I looked decidedly old, but it seemed a cooler alternative to “trendy”.

Their responses taught me a valuable lesson - being down with the kids requires...


Welcoming @WeSchoolNurses

May 27th 2014

Social media and tweeting is becoming increasing popular with health care professionals and is providing a much needed platform for nurses to network, share and support each other. Interestingly social media has been embraced by school nurses – the number of school nurses tweeting has steadily grown...


International Nurses and Midwives day 2014

April 28th 2014

Last year we celebrated International Nurses Day by sharing your nursing pride, you shared your nursing photos, we made a video and the rest was history. This you we celebrate inspiration for both The International Day of the Midwife and International Nurses day, and in true We style we bring you a Twitter first via "Map Your Inspiration alongside a tweetchat and celebration of inspirational blogging...


A blog to launch 1000 tweeting nurses (or more) by @Gray3Gray

April 15th 2014

As a nurse moving towards the twilight years of my career, my message to anyone kind enough to take a moment to read this would be, “don't knock it until you've tried it”. I don't follow that many people and I also don't have many followers either but I do like trying to keep up to date and you will find some interesting discussions which you can choose to contribute or just read about...


Growing The #WeMHNurses Team

April 12th 2014

The next bit of the ‘something' emerged from reflecting with Vanessa . I talked with her honestly about how I was starting to run out of steam with @WeMHNurses and that I didn't really have a clear sense of direction. What were the conversations that we needed to be having and who do we have them with? Nurses, as ‘experts', talking about mental health was starting to feel dry, somewhat flavourless, and perhaps a tad ‘stuck'. Vanessa's suggestion was to try to expand the @WeMHNurses team and to find someone who could hold a mirror to the world of the mental health nurse and could talk with us about what we are to the people we care for. Given all of this, it seemed natural and easy to ask both Mark and Vanessa to join Natalie and myself onto the @WeMHNurses team...


@NHSchangeday drives Social Media access at @GEHNHSnews

March 7th 2014

We've just seen some great change awareness raised via @NHSchangeday much of which is ongoing, but this wonderful reaction to a change request from a family member at George Eliot Hospital was well worth a share with you. We hope it inspires you to take your patients' ideas and inspired by @S3bster, the support he was given by @GEHKevinM and remember it just started with a request to change and now so many will benefit. ...


Your 40,000th tweet

February 5th 2014

When we first set out to develop WeNurses we just took it one Tweet at a time … quite literally .. one Tweet, one person, one opportunity to make a difference and indeed we can often be heard to say that if you make a difference to one person you have made a difference to one person! Somehow the idea that we could have sent somewhere close to 40,000 tweets came as a bit of a surprise ...


A month of learning - on twitter of course!

February 3rd 2014

At last we can say that January is over – as beyond New Years Day January can be pretty dull and monotonous, more so this year with the never ending rain! So we here we are at the start of February and the focus of many twitter discussions this month is learning. We have never before had such a strong theme running throughout one month but it seems that our passion for knowledge and learning in 2014 is well and truly entering...


Calling all Clinical Research Nurses - open data

January 26th 2014

Over the past couple of months in conjunction with Parafinale Research we have run two surveys around the role of the clinical research nurse and the discussion we held on clinical research nursing. We wanted to see how effective a tweet chat is at influencing perceptions and improving awareness of the role of the Research Nurse? We invite you to access and work with the the open data...


#InCharge - the nurses are back in charge of @WeNurses

December 2nd 2013

Following the amazing success of our #InCharge days in October we are doing it again on 15th , 16th , 17th and 18th of December!!! @WeNurses  is changing and we will have four guest tweeters taking over for a day each. As in October each of our guests has a slightly different perspective and area of expertise and experience, so we hope that it will be a fun and varied few days for those of you who are watching, listening and engaging...


Welcoming LDnursechat into the We family as @WeLDnurses

November 21st 2013

We have been given an amazing opportunity, to cement our relationship with @WeNurses and to truly join the online health community. As of today we've become @WeLDnurses. We draw ourselves further into the nursing community and celebrate everything we can achieve through this...


Dear #NurseCommunity..we need your help at #CNOsummit

November 20th 2013

On Wednesday, November 27th, WeNurses, LDNurseChat and MHNurseChat are off to the Chief Nursing Officers conference – The CNO Summit. We all feel very excited to be presenting our seminar “A ‘How to' guide to social media and mobile technology – Understanding the benefits and practicalities”. It's going to be quite a challenging session because, as it's a seminar, there won't be any technology to support us with presenting this in order to promote discussion and debate … however we are breaking the rules...


Nurse tweet from The House of Commons

November 12th 2013

Have you ever wondered how Parliament explores and scrutinises our health policies? Well we sent 2 nurses understand this process and also witness it by tweeting live from the House of Commons! Read about how it came about and what the tweeting nurses found out...


Introducing My Health Skills, a new social media platform for HCP's

October 3rd 2013 with @MyHealthskills

Do you work in Health Care and are you passionate about developing a more skilled and flexible workforce that delivers high quality care? If the answer is yes then put the 14 th October in your diary as this date sees the launch of our new exciting free online networking site specifically designed for the UK's healthcare workforce...



October 1st 2013 by @AgencyNurse

Ever thought what you would tweet about if you were @WeNurses for a day? What would you highlight to 10,000 followers? How would you engage? What would you say?


Social Media, Privacy, and Professionalism

Septemeber 23th 2013 by @MJHartley2013

I love social networking platforms – some more than others. I use them for networking purposes, but mainly as part of my work with student nurses, which has been revolutionised since I embraced the possibilities that the technology offers. As social media expands, and our use grows, our experience and maturity should grow with it. Unfortunately at the present time there remains disparity...


Embracing Digital Education for Nursing

Septemeber 10th 2013 by @MHNurseLecturer

Earlier this year I did something quite major in terms of my twitter identity. Having reviewed the NMC's SoMe (Social Media) guidelines (NMC, 2012) I changed my identity to a professional one on twitter. I'm now @MHNurseLecturer. From this moment on I shifted the emphasis  to largely tweeting about the needs of people with mental illness and how we can learn from their struggles. I wanted to get serious about helping liberate us from what I largely see as something of a mess that our society's fear and lack of understanding has created...


Launching our Community Blog

July 29th 2013 by @WeNurses

TODAY see's the launch of a new way we hope we can support healthcare professionals to take advantage of another form of social media in the form of blogging, by launching the our Community Blog!
We have had great success supporting the creation of several different tweeting healthcare professional communities via the WeNurses website, from nursing of a few types then expanding on to midwives, paramedics and pharmacists. Many of us enjoy the regular tweet chats, connecting...


Writing Sister Tweeter

July 29th 2013 by @WeNurses

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes here at WeNurses, which many of you are aware is run on a volunteer bases, to support the needs of nurses to have a twitter community where we can interact freely, share our ideas and concerns and support each other through the best and worst of being a nurse – ultimately delivering the best care we can through being informed, confident and supported. So we are delighted to have been shortlisted for the “ Best use of social media in healthcare ” 2013...


Writing Sister Tweeter

July 12th 2013 by @WeNurses

Those eagled eyed surfers amongst you may have noticed that the “coming soon” notice on our Sister Tweeter page of our Twitterversity has been there for quite sometime ... in fact nearly a year now ! With so many of you now being very proficient tweeters ready to share your tips and how to use twitter at an advance level we thought you could write "Sister Tweeter"....


Post reflections on a twitter party

July 12th 2013 by @RayFWalker

How is it you can feel more nervous on a tweet chat than presenting to an audiences in the hundreds? weird but true. It felt like I was preparing for something really special and important, like a job interview or a presentation. I only worry about important things, and then it hit me this was more important to me than I first realised, Doh!
It was probably more like inviting everyone to a party at your house, than an interview, doing...


6Cs Live! Communication Hub Launch

July 4th 2013 by @WeNurses and @6CsLive

Care, compassion, commitment, communication, competence and courage have been associated as nursing values for many years – albeit on an unofficial and unspoken level . However last year a new vision and strategy for nursing was developed by Jane Cummings and Viv Bennet, putting these values at the heart of nursing. As part of that development WeNurses held a series of Twitter chats around the new vision and strategy that gave the online #NurseCommunity the opportunity to feed directly into the consultation for the proposed document



June 19th 2013 by @AgencyNurse

Today we have reached the 7000 follower stage which is a massive achievement for us as it is 1% of the UK nursing population. Ok so there are a few followers who may not be nurses amongst the 7000 but from the very beginning I have always maintained that everyone is welcome at WeNurses – student nurses, CNOs, service users, carers, relatives and other healthcare professionals…



April 23rd 2013 by @WeNurses

Over the past few years we have found that the #NurseCommunity on Twitter has gone from strength to strength in terms of the way that we support one another, a strong theme that comes out again and again when we talk to you about what you gain from Tweeting as a nurse is support. Invariably in a supportive environment troubles are shared and we have many times received direct messages and emails where nurses have...


Sharing the pride to CARE

April 6th 2013 by @AgencyNurse of @WeNurses

Nurses shared photos of their nursing memorabilia that to them were their addition to nursing history. They tweeted picture of their badges, pins, first qualified day photos, capes, hats, puffy sleeves and even some original certificates and course material from quite some time ago. Many of these items weren't to hand, partners were sent into attics, “rooms turned upside down” photos were scanned and shared in any way they could be and at 11pm, some 6 hours later (we told you the time was important) and following the Twitter Jailing of the WeNurses account…..


Host your own #WeNurses

January 22th 2013 by @WeNurses

Following the New Year #WeNurses chat that looked forward to 2013 we have had a great response from people wanting to be guest hosts, so we thought that we would put this into action. 

Guest hosting a #WeNurses chat is a great way for individual nurses to share the specialist knowledge and expertise that you have with the online nurse community. You don't have to be a director of nursing or a nurse consultant to guest host as everyone adds value...


Real action from #MyAction

January 4th 2013 by @philipraball
There has been a healthy debate over the value of the #6C's; for me they represent an opportunity to discover more about nursing, and what nurses and midwives do. The #6C 's also reminded me of the characterisitics of the nurses I had found inspirational in my career. So having submitted #myaction video to #wenurses, I was committed to asking the students for feedback. ...


#OnDuty Sharing the shifts with thise on duty over Xmas/NYE

December 2012 - Jan 2013
As a little experiment, you know how we like them, we thought we would create a picture wall of those #OnDuty over the festive and celebratory shifts. Tweet us your pics using the hashtag OnDuty and we will pick up your pics and storify them below much like our chat transcripts...


#WeNurses summary video of 2012

20th December 2012
We have put together some of the many highlights from our first six months of "connecting, driving and supporting" the nursing community, but without your support #WeNurses would be nothing! ...


Social Media & Midwives 2012-13

17 December 2012

On the 12 th December, Anne Cooper, tweeting as @AnnieCoops, National Clinical Lead for Nursing within the Department of Health Informatics Directorate gave an inspirational talk at the Chief Nursing Officer's conference in Manchester. The presentation was about nurses and other health workers use of social media #SoMe and Anne encouraged senior nurses to engage with using social media and introduced the term ‘Digital Professionalism' which describes the blending of professional and digital behaviours. Nurses seem to be ahead of the game...


#WeNurses ON TOUR - helping you share how & why nurses should be tweeting

10 December 2012

The lovely people at Made Incredibly Easy , tweeting as @Incredibly_Easy , have provided some funding for WeNurses to provide 3 Twitter workshops, 2 hours in length, with places for 20 attendees per workshop AND free of charge for you! In the New Year we will be sharing with you the benefits that 1000's of nurses get from Twitter through examples and case studies created by tweeting nurses, as well as helping you get signed up to twitter.
Find out how to apply for one of the 3 free sessions...


CareMakers took Twitter to CNO2012 and #CNO2012 to Twitter

07 December 2012

To be at the very start of something is a privilege but being at the start of something as inspiring as our (and it really is ours) nursing vision and strategy and the birth of the CareMakers at #CNO2012 was not just a privilege but also inspiring, energising and exciting...


#WeNurses top 10 videos

28th November 2012

A collection of 10 great nurse related videos you shared with us via twitter, collated here for you to enjoy and share...


The #NurseCummunity #6Cs stats & Infographic **AMAZING**

17th November 2012

Friday 16 th November was the cut-off date for providing views on Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Officer for England) and Viv Bennetts (Department of Health Nursing Director) consultation document “Developing a culture of compassionate care: Creating a new vision for nurses, midwives and care givers...


Social media for healthcare research ..

13th November 2012

In traditional Healthcare research it is often hard to get participants together – the joy of using Social Media, uch as the #WeNurses TwitterChats is that here, everyone can join from far and wide. Involvement may be for just 5 minutes or the whole chat, or reading transcripts at a later date and Tweeting responses ‘false-live', reawakening the debate for both new and existing members.


Taking 6C's action with #MyAction...

5th November 2012

For those of you on the ball you will have noticed that in the #WeNurses discussion about the 6Cs and "making change happen" a new hashtag was born - #MyAction.
We ask for your help to share your action and explore them via short video clips from nurse...


Last night Twitter "saved my life"...

31th October 2012 by @Salsa442

As a registered Learning Disability nurse with some years experience, I returned from maternity leave to work part time in the job I loved, managing respite services for people with LD and complex health needs. It was a difficult decision to go back to work, and I opted for part time hours, feeling I would be able to increase them ...


Indroducing & Welcoming #WeMidwives

29th October 2012

Today sees the launch of the latest twitter chat giving Midwifery a dedicated chat on twitter via #WeMidwives and being run by the twitter handle @WeMidwives . The community will embrace not only those formally trained or training in midwifery (tweet chats are a great addition to traditional learning) but also Duolas too.


What's #WeNurses?

27th October 2012

Not only do we get asked a lot "What's WeNurses", we know you do too! This video helps explain not only where #WeNurses came from, but also what it does, what it means to the community that created it and a few things #WeNurses has done to date.


The importance of being engaging

by @Agencynurse
I am a strong advocate a community approach to Twitter and believe that community needs to be at the heart of all we do on Twitter – in my series of blogs Twitter And The Elephant I extolled the virtues of community stating “The success of Twitter is down to the community approach – there is no point in just taking what you want from this network and not giving back, if everyone had this approach Twitter would be very dull indeed and be useless within hours!” Which is something that I firmly believe in however I wanted to say a little bit more about engagement and how, when it comes down to engagement on twitter, we need to think of the individual


Learning disability nursing and the CNO's Vision for Nursing

by @DMarsden49
A few weeks ago I was talking to a musician friend who was mournfully explaining to me about how he wished he had been alive in the 1960's, as he perceived that to be the golden age of music, he then reeled off his about the live acts he had recently seen and the gigs he would be playing over the next few months. It made me think that sometimes we always consider another time to have been much better than now, even though we may never experienced it. ...


Tweet Chats made simple...

by @WeNurses

Some people have asked lately for a basic guide to twitter chats ….. so here it is, for you to use, pass on and share. Twitter chats are often regular chats that take place at a specific time around a predetermined subject and use a hashtag (#) as a flag that binds a conversation (sometimes they are not planned too), they are an excellent way to use the Twitter professionally to discuss topics with peers (and often beyond piers)..


The New Vision For Nursing: Important Dates for your Diary

by @WeNurses
25th October - 13th November 2012
Last month Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England and Viv Bennett, DH Director for Nursing published a document called “Developing the culture of compassionate care: Creating a new vision for nurses, midwives and care-givers” The document encompasses the 6C's – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment stating that these values and behaviours are at the heart of the vision and should be...


Is Anybody Out There

by Teresa Chinn
2nd October 2012
Two years on from Teresa's plea for help via her first blog she explains how social media has helped her become connected, supported and more confident as a nurse thanks to the community that she is now a part of. For those thinking social media is new this is worth a read...


The 6 C's & NHS Change Model

Part 2: "The Power of Social Media " by Mandy Hollis
1st October 2012
This final part of Mandy#e blog series looks at the impact that social media had on spreading her ideas abut combining the NHS Change Model with the 6 C's. Following on a from using one of the 6 C's to tweet about her idea Mandy details where her idea has gone, who has had access to it and where she is taking it now with the support of those that were introduced to it via social media...


How I Use Social Media To Complement My Work

By Sarah Amani
26th September 2012
I signed up for a personal account on Twitter in 2009 but didn't actually start to use it until November 2010. The reason being, I just didn't get what it was about – why were people posting these short sentences – and links? And I couldn't like their posts like on Facebook. And the whole followers thing. How can a person have 70, 000 followers – why were these people following this person? What are they gaining?? I was baffled...


The 6 C's & NHS Change Model

Part 2: "My Wall Of Inspiration " by Mandy Hollis
24th September 2012
Looking at the 6C's of Nursing: ‘ Care, Communication, Compassion, Courage, Commitment and Competency ' and then looking at our local Trust vision, I realised they were both saying the same thing -‘ Delivering Compassionate Excellence '. Well that's great, but how do you deliver this? What do you need for sustained change...


Social Media 1 - 0 Networks

21st September 2012
Over the last year or so I have been party to many conversations that have debated the virtues of “closed private networks” against “public social media” within both the social media and nursing world. I am often a long thinker, by which I mean that I will often take a long time to mull things over and form an opinion, and I have listened to healthcare professionals who have raised concerns over the public nature of social media and I have also...


The 6 C's & NHS Change Model

Part 1: "Coffee - The Original Wonder Drug" by Mandy Hollis
19th September 2012
A great introduction exploring how changes in communication and the availability of different types of knowledge sharing, from within healthcare and patient groups, can provide some answers as to how modern ideologies and changes can benefit from communicating digitally and across social media...


From @Ninjabetic1 @Type1Nurse

16th September 2012
A compelling journey from discovering diabetes as a teen and supporting others using social media, Laura talks about how the tweeting nurse community has given her the drive and focus to become a nurse and share the experience through her new twitter venture as @Type1Nurse...


Tweeting for an NHS Trust

13th September 2012
Following a recent blog entitled "The war of the roses" where we explored the style of @NHSleeds tweets following a conversation "with them" on Twitter including several other trusts, @NHSmanchester for one. Consequently we were delighted to be able to work with @NHSleeds to look a little deeper into what tweeting means to them...


From Students to CNO's

11th September 2012
One of the great things about using Twitter as a nurse is the wonderful nurses that I meet. I not only get a real sense of fellowship and community from the Nurse Twitterverse but as @kathjlo tweeted recently I also get “the knowledge that so many of us are still v passionate about it!! I feel it's been lost a bit with media coverage”...


Hello #LDnurse chat bought to you via @LDnursechat

7th September 2012

As more and more nurses identify the value of social media it is no wonder that specialty nursing groups will need to connect on more often with each other than maybe other nursing cohorts.

To that end we are really excited that @LDnursechat has been launched by a group of experienced tweeting nurses within the Learning Disabilities specialty, whilst twitter provides an environment for...


Twitter Communities: Part 3 (Sharing The Elephant)

7th September 2012
In part 1 and in part 2 of this blog we explored peoples differing views of Twitter and compared this to the John G Saxe poem “The blind men and the elephant” and we then went on to look at what the whole of the Twitter elephant looks like. However it's all very well if WE know what the elephant looks like but this does not embrace the fundamental principle of a sharing community that makes Twitter so successful...


Twitter Communities: Part 2 (The Whole Elephant)

5th September 2012
In the last blog (see part 1 here) we looked at how people's views of Twitter differ and why it is that Twitter is different things to different people – rather like the John G Saxe poem “The blind men and the elephant.” So what happens if we zoom out and have a look at what the whole of Twitter looks like

War Of The Roses

4th September 2012
Those of you who were up late last night may have noticed, or even participated in a ground breaking twitter discussion. NHS Leeds and NHS Manchester jumped out of their corporate suits and became human. The transformation was amazing to watch – I have long since felt that trusts are too robotic on...


Twitter Communities: Part 1 (The Elephant)

2nd September 2012
I recently had a Twitter conversation about the importance of community on Twitter. I was trying to get my point across, slightly hampered by the 140 characters, that it is important that people and particularly health care professionals understand that Twitter is a community in order to use it to its full potential...


A community to be proud of

24th August 2012
What started as a seed of an idea from one dedicated and open minded nurse has grown over time to become an absolute shining example of how to build a digitally connected professional community...


#WeNurses & #NurseShift bring you twitter chat netiquette

21th August 2012
Two of the hosts of the most popular twitter chats combine thoughts to bring a guide to getting the most out of twitter chats, through suggestions to appropriate conduct and advice if things go wrong.


#WeNurses welcomes #NurseShift

20th August 2012
WeNurses are very proud to welcome @NurseShift to the WeNurses site and we hope that this will be the start of a wonderful friendship leading to collaborative work for the nurse community.


#WeNurses goes weekly!

18th August 2012
#WeNurses chats will be held every Thursday at 8pm and to be honest we have had so many chat suggestions from the online nurse community that if we continued with fortnightly chats we would have never got around...


How to get the best out of twitter chats and CPD

14th August 2012
So you have either been twitter chatting for a while and thought about using the time for CPD, or you are looking for great ways to spend time with other nurses and use for CPD? Well, now either way here's a helping hand...


Why the face of NHS Jobs relyse on nurse twitter chats

4th August 2012
During this year I have, through Twitter, become part of an ever growing community of nurses and other HCP who are using this form of Social Media to connect and share ideas and information. I've become hugely passionate about it and I am lucky enough to have found so many great professionals who are sharing ...


Teresa Chinn RN video-blogs "Why communities are about people not brands..."

4th August 2012
@AgencyNurse , talks about what the nursing community means to her and how it underpins the development of an excellent service from nurses. Teresa continues to express that communities, united by social media, aren't about brands and companies but it's about people...


Anne Cooper video blogs for #NurChat birthday

31th July 2012
Anne is the national clinical lead for nursing, providing clinical leadership in the development of informatics policy for the Department of Health, watch what #NurChat has meant for her professionally and personally.


Happy Birthday #NurChat (my smiley moments).

26th July 2012

1 year ago I was one tweeting nurse … now we are a thriving, growing and evolving community of nurses. What an ground breaking first year it has been, one which you the nursing community should be proud of because you all played a part in the development of this amazing resource.


Confessions of a tweeting nurse.

17th July 2012

Following #NurChat's busiest chat to date the number of attendees and tweets wasn't the only record breaking element to this recent #NurChat. Find out why the world didn't end and a "confession from a tweeting nurse".


50 shades of healthcare?

10th July 2012
If "fifty shades" doesn't mean anything to you by now then you must have been on another planet! We look at the impact social media had on the success of EL James's trio of novels and what can be learned or applied to us all in healthcare.


A few hours away...

9th July 2012

A summary of to very inspiring conferences in one week including the Digital Health Conference in Leeds and the second was Celebrating Leadership in Nursing Informatics in London.


A Fresh Approach

3rd July 2012

We talk about how #NurChat has moved forward to support the ever growing community of nurses on twitter and how social media can be used by us all to improve the care we offer through being an online nursing community.

We Nurses