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The New Vision for Nursing

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Last month Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England and Viv Bennett, DH Director for Nursing published a document called Developing the culture of compassionate care: Creating a new vision for nurses, midwives and care-givers” The document encompasses the 6C's – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment stating that these values and behaviours are at the heart of the vision and should be at the heart of all we do. The document also talks about committing to action in six key areas and looks at how we can deliver the vision by working together. In the final section the document talks about getting involved, it states “ We want to hear your views on the ideas we have set out in the strategy and how we turn the vision for nursing, midwifery and care-givers into practice.” And this is what we want to enable the online nurse community to do.

Thursday October 25 th 8pm – 9.30pm: Chat 1 – The vision & 6C's (with breakaway chats by @LDNurseChat and @Nurseshift)

Thursday November 1 st 8pm - 9pm: Chat 2 – Making change happen

Thursday November 8 th 8pm - 9pm: Chat 3 – Obstacles & Solutions

Tuesday November 13 th 8pm - 8.30pm: Chat 4 – Summary


The new vision for nursing: Chat 2 – Making Change Happen


This is the second chat in our four part series that looks at The New Vision for Nursing, collating the views of the online nurse community to feed into the consultation process for the new vision. It may help if you read the details of the previous chat here.

This chat will be exploring how we can embed the vision and 6C's into nursing culture. What steps are needed in order to embed these values and behaviours every time we care? Are there any examples of where this is happening already? What do we need in order to make it a reality? Will focussing on the 6C's achieve the vision?

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Chat Summary    
by @AgencyNurse

Having set the scene last week with the #6Cs series of chats #WeNurses got off to a flying start with @WeNurses  asking “ How do you all feel about the   #6YCs   ... are they currently part of nursing culture ?”

@MrsCFlatt   said “I believe the 6C's are fully embedded into every aspect of my training”

@Sammy_Fischer   tweeted  “ Think they're great. Simplifies nursing culture completely, they're not incorporated however in student studies at my uni”

@Salsa442   stated  “ I think some practitioners have the 6Cs firmly embedded, but not everyone. I think I have the 6Cs embedded in my practice”

@STNLucy  stated “ I think all the   #6Cs   are still there. Just resources/circumstances/politics makes it difficult sometimes”

@Michellemellor3   said “If not, they need to be part of the nursing culture”

@STNLucy  then added “ The   #6Cs   should always be at the heart of everything we do”


@Salsa442   then asked  “ So how do we make them become part of our culture?”

@Michellemellor3   replied “ Need to instill   #6Cs   in everything we do. Fundamental to nursing & healthcare”

@Sammy_Fischer   responded  “ I think there needs to be more awareness made on the wards.”

@MrsCFlatt   said  “ Champions! Just as we have dignity champions we need 6c champions!” and then added “Lets get it rolling! 6c champions with badges!”

@Caltwit added “And perhaps where badges that say Im a   #6Cs   nurse ask me bout it”

@nursemaiden  tweeted “ Nurses could champion individual "c's" e.g compassion lead, care lead, competence”

@Michellemellor3   stated “ All   #nurses   should drive & champion the   #vision . It's in theirs & pts best interest”

@LDnursechat   said “Students should be invited to be champions get them as soon as they start their journey”

@Spanx73  responded “ Lets not have another set of champions, lets just have nurses”


@Anniecoops   then raised an interesting point:  “ It's easy to get distracted by just talking about   #6Cs   but we need to consider what we need to do”

@Caltwit   responded “I think most nurses are doing the   #6Cs   sometimes it's recognising where these aspects are embedded”

@AgencyNurse   agreed  “ I tend to agree with you - I also feel that a lot goes unrecognised, firstly by ourselves then by our employers”

@Caltwit   then tweeted  “ If we don't recognise we do it then we ate most likely not telling managers we do it and then feelings of dismay”

@STNNurse_Mikey   said  “ I think a practical way of embedding 6Cs into nursing is to start teaching it early on, at universities.”

@michellemellor3   tweeted “Nurses in commissioning can incorporate   #vision   #6Cs   into service specifications”


The conversation then turned to measurement of compliance :

@bobjbrown  tweeted “ Nice to read encouraging comments about embedding the   #6Cs   - we must be able to demonstrate evidence of this. Can we?”

@Anniecoops   said “There is a lot in the action section about measuring outcomes - what do you all think? how can we do?”

@Salsa442   stated “ Agreed, but how can we then measure the outcomes and compliance without it becoming a paper exercise?”

@DGFoord   said “We must avoid the risk of tick-box exercises to achievement. Measurement must be meaningful for   #6Cs

@michellemellor3   tweeted “ Measure pt satisfaction, reduction in complaints, seek pt views”

@GraceWall said  “ I think it's difficult to measure as it influences culture wud b interested to hear people's thoughts...”

@MrsCFlatt added “Qualitative research project could certainly highlight peoples exp to 6cs would b interesting”

@DGFoord tweeted “Triangulation through: self-reflection/assessment, audit evidence & pt feedback to evidence #6Cs   robust appraisal”

@bobjbrown  added “ If the   #6Cs   are to be taken seriously we need to clearly define them, and agree what we expect from each and how to measure them”

@Salsa442   said “Pt exp groups, feedback forms, engagement with local comm groups, a 6C's workshop to gain whistle stop feedback?”


@Anniecoops   then asked  “ Would making competencies expected help?”

@HowlesJohn   responded “Competency based framework would reassure the patient the standard of whom is looking after them”

@Caltwit   said “ Yes tricky but probably incorporate in staff development reviews/ appraisals if nurses raise it then its recorded”


@Sammy_Fischer tweeted about a potential barrier   “There's 1 problem, its reaching the nurses who I hate to say it, aren't in the profession because it's their passion...”

@AshbyClare   said  “ These "less keen" nurses can still performing excellent care day in day out. Maybe not know about”

@MrsCFlatt tweeted “Agree, you'll never get everyone on board but lead by example can help change attitudes”

@STNLucy  stated “ Staff morale has a big impact on the   #6Cs   being present. How can burn out be prevented?”


The participant's then discussed recruitment and appraisal processes:

@BPotter38   said  “ Need to recruit the right people. Values & Behaviours”

@DGFoord   tweeted “How about using   #6Cs   as part of the pre-reg recruitment & assessment process?”

@Caltwit   agreed  “ I was thinking of this will also test prospective students knowledge”

@Nursemaiden   said “It needs to follow the complete nursing career pathway from cradle to grave”


Towards the end of the chat participant's started discussing real action and what individual nurses can do : @MMelloE4E asked “What does this mean in terms of action? What does it look like?”  

@AshbyClare said “It is catchy BUT is has been said before. How do we really get it to the frontline & make it stick”

@MMelloE4E  then asked “ What one thing can you do after tonight to implement   #6cs ?”

@Anniecoops   tweeted  “ I will cover off the 6 Cs in my reflections - blog and supervisons   #myaction

@Michellemellor3   said “ Talk about the   #6Cs   continue to discuss in team meetings, ask staff what are they doing to instil   #6Cs   into practice”

@Anniecoops   then asked  “ If you were asked to identify one action for you personally what would it be   #myaction

@AshbyClare   said “Going to visit 6 wards in the morning to see if the nurses there have even heard of it - take a few copies too”

@DGFoord   tweeted  “ #MyAction   would be to get   #6Cs   embedded within my organisation's strategies and business plans”

@Bobjbrown  said “ One of the things I plan to do after tonight is study 'care' and 'compassion' further, and engage some of our patients in this.”

@BPotter38   stated  “ Not really   #myaction   but #myaapiration   would be for principles of 6C's to be adopted by prof bodies & constitution”

@MandyHollis3   stated “My action is to spread the work I've done with NHS Change Model but also to add to it, to re-align local imperatives to quality”

@LDstudentnurse   tweeted  “ My action would be to encourage students to be champions the earlier we start the better ”

@Salsa442  tweeted “ #myaction   is to continue spreading to word and to make every (professional) contact count for 6C's”

@STNNurse_Mikey  said “ My action would be to encourage students to advocate and promote the 6Cs - we are the FUTURE of healthcare”

@agencynurse said “To me in my role #myaction means doing it, talking about it, telling others, spreading the word”

@Bobjbrown  stated “ I'd like to build a team of   #6Cs   facilitators across the organisation - people who work as role-models, change agents, champions.”
@Anniecoops   tweeted “Wow I'm blown away by the   #myactions   if we all did one things what could we achieve”

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